[Calerie] SOD + NMN

[Calerie] SOD + NMN

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Efficacy of NMN, a nutritional supplement for immortality

1. Cellular energy activation ATP

2. Longevity: Sirturs – 7 longevity cells activated

3. Hormone activation

4. Cellular tissue protection

5. Disease prevention

6. Promoting self-renewal of stem cells leading to longer lifespan

7. Suppresses sleep deterioration and metabolic degradation

8. Energy production (reactivates mitochondria)

9. Damaged DNA repair and restoration

10. SOD 12,000IU + NMN 120mg (containing 99.99% beta NMN, cultivated with natural biochemical fermentation system) It is different from the synthetic NMNs on the market.



☘️Why NMN?
🌷NMN is the nucleotide the body uses to produce NAD.
In addition to helping DNA repair and supporting the brain, NMN protects the heart.
The study also showed an association between NMN and increased NAD synthesis.
🌷 In a recent study (Mills KF, et. al 2016), increased NMN in diet was used to make NAD in tissues.
🌷 Signs of aging slowed down, weight gain was reduced, blood sugar and cholesterol were supported.